Pool Side Doggy

This dog is having the time of its life going down the slide. Dogs do get Swimmers ear just like humans so beware of that. This video is just 24 seconds long.

Certain dog breeds with long, floppy and hairy ears like schnauzers, cocker spaniels, retrievers are more likely to get Swimmers ear.
Canine ear infections can be caused by water (which of course means that dogs who enjoy swimming are more likely to get them), allergies, excessive buildup of ear wax, or foreign bodies like seeds in the ear. Another common cause is parasitic insects such as ear mites. It is safe to use human solution in your dogs ear.
When infected, your dog’s ear will become inflamed and may discharge a black or yellowish fluid. There may also be a foul odor. Ear infections can be irritating and painful; your dog may show his discomfort by obsessively shaking his head, scratching his ears, or rubbing them against furniture or even sometimes your leg.
Common symptoms of dog ear infections can be
frequent scratching of ears and shaking of head,
possible whining, obvious discomfort,
A foul-smelling, pus-filled yellowish or dark discharge.
Dark-colored debris in ear, similar to fine coffee grounds.
You can treat an ear infection at home using a herbal product called Echo Gold. It has an effective natural antibiotic and anti-inflammatory action that fights a dog’s ear infections. It also helps the dog relax.
Want to know how to rid your dog of ear mites? Click here!

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