Owners And Their Dogs

55 seconds
Except for the last one, thats not a dog!

Dog Slide

Either this dog likes to scratch it's back or loves sliding down this hill.

19 seconds

The Salsa Dog

1 minute 27 seconds
This golden retriever is impressive and funny!

Tillman The Skatebording Bulldog

Somewhere in California. This dog loves to skate and I think he may be better than me!

1 minute 28 seconds

Two Legged Tricks

This Border Collie pulls off some pretty good tricks. Especially near the end of the video.

1 minute 52 seconds
I like how the dog can go backwards on it's hind legs.

Puppy Tries To Mimic Owner

This puppy does a pretty good job duplicating the sounds of this owners whistle.

31 seconds

French Bulldog

This cute little French Bulldog can't roll over and get up on all fours.

50 seconds
I kept expecting a hand near the end of the video to help the poor puppy.

Poor Doggy

It is kind of cute though.

Before And After

Dry or wet, the difference is clear and kind of funny.

Teach Your Dog How To Ring A Bell

Teaching them to ring a bell letting you know that they need to go outside is a great trick.
To teach a dog to do anything is usually is quite the task but as long as you don't give up, you should be fine. Patience and persistence is needed while training any dog. So good luck!

4 min 31 sec

Grease Dog Show

I thought it was great when the dog walks backwards! Amazing. Well trained dog. John Travolta and Olivia Newton-John song from the movie Grease "Your the one that I want"


By both the public and the veterinary associations, cropping of the ears and docking of the tail is prohibited in many countries around the world. It's like getting your cat declawed or having them neutered or spayed. Unlike the late Bob Barker which was famous for his saying on the show The Price Is Right "Help control the pet population. Have your pets spayed or neutered". I don't believe in this practice. Unless it is absolutely necessary. Just my feelings on the whole issue.
The Boxer typically is a short-haired breed, with a shiny, smooth coat that lies tight to the body.
They have broad short skulls and their most distinctive feature is their head. With a square muzzle which is in perfect proportion to the skull. Folds are always present from the root of the nose running downwards on both sides of the muzzle, and the tip of the nose should lie somewhat higher than the root of the muzzle. The lower jaw of a Boxer should protrude beyond the upper jaw and bend slightly upwards in what is commonly called an underbite or undershot bite.
The name Boxer is said to be derived from the breed's tendency to play by standing on its hind legs and mimicking a boxing motion with their front paws.
Health issues include cancer,heart conditions,Arrhythmogenic Right Ventricular Cardiomyopathy (Boxer Cardiomyopathy),hip displasia,degenerative myelopathy,epilepsy,gastric dilatation,torsion,intestinal problems. Boxers also get allergies which could be caused by a bad diet.
Entropian is another problem that faces Boxers which is a malformation of the eyelid requiring surgical correction, can be occasionally seen, and some lines have a tendency toward spondylosis deformans, a fusing of the spine or dystocia.
It is said to be a bad idea to exercise Boxers too much when they are younger. It may cause damage to growing bones. Although it is important to keep them in shape, just don't over do it.
Because of their brachycephalic head, they do not do well in certain conditions where there is intense heat or humidity. It is not recomended to exercise in these conditions.

Dog Takes Matters Into His Own Paws

This is crazy. The dog jumps into the water to attack a shark that his owner had just caught and tries to drag it ashore.

48 seconds

This Dog Is Awesome

1 minute 54 seconds
This video was not what I thought it would be but it is entertaining and sort of funny.


Bred originally to hunt deer and wild boar these dogs are used now to track human beings by their scent. Bloodhounds are known for their special ability to follow scents for hours, even a full week over great distances. Commonly used by police and law enforcement all over the world to track escaped prisoners, missing persons, and even missing animals. Other breeds of scent hounds are English Foxhound, American Foxhound, Coonhound, Swiss Jura Hound, Bavarian Mountain Hound and many others.
A common misconception is that bloodhounds run in packs tracking down the scent. Sometimes this may be the case in places like England but in North America bloodhounds are used as solitary trackers. When Bloodhounds are on a trail they usually are silent and do not bark or howl as other scenthounds. The original use of the bloodhound as a leash-hound is to find the scent but not disturb animals or let prisoners know that the Bloodhound is on their trail. This requires silent trailing.

The bloodhound can follow a scent left several days into the past. Under optimal conditions, a bloodhound can detect as few as one or two cells. The bloodhound's nasal chambers larger than those of most other breeds. The large, long pendent ears serve to prevent wind from scattering nearby skin cells while the dog's nose is on the ground; the folds of wrinkled flesh under the lips and neck are called the shawl and serve to catch stray scent particles in the air or on a nearby branch as the bloodhound is scenting, reinforcing the scent in the dog's memory and nose.
Bloodhounds can weigh anywhere from 33 to 50 kg (80 to 110 lb), although some individuals can weigh as much as 72 kg (160 lb). They stand 58 to 69 cm (23 to 32 inches) high at the withers.
I think owning a Bloodhound would be a good idea, it would be great to have a Bloodhound around in case a loved one turned out to be missing!

The Pool Playing Dog

I bet your dog can't do this... Hell he might even be better than me at pool!

Dog Is Happy Soldier's Home!

This dog just can't contain its excitement after seeing his owner return from the war in Afghanistan. Very heartwarming video...

Don't Let Another Dog Be Put To Sleep

Visit your local Humane Society today and help dogs like this one live another day...

Well Trained Doberman

This child is actually able to take food from it's bowl and the Doberman does nothing about it. This is a very good dog.

29 seconds

Dog Show bei der Privathengstschau Verden 2009

This video is more uplifting than the last. This trainer has fun pleasing the crowd with the tricks he has taught his dogs and makes quite a show of it. Absolutely fantastic,funny and clever! Enjoy...

5 minutes 25 seconds

Narcolepsy In Dogs?

Poor dog.  I feel sorry for it.

1 minute 48 seconds
I didn't know dogs could have narcolepsy?

Cute Chihuahua Puppies

These Chihuahua puppies might be mixed but I'm not really sure with what? 22 days old and they are beginning to wobble around and walk.

2 minutes 37 seconds
I love puppies, it's when they get big that I just want the puppy back. But it's all worth it when it's over.

Happy Halloween!!!

Great Halloween costumes for these very patient dogs. Just getting them to wear these costumes must be a task in it's self?

3 minutes 21 seconds

Funny Laugh!

Shows it's evil Grin the best it could. I think the owner just couldn't take it and busted out laughing. I still think it's funny though. It at least puts a smile on my face.

9 seconds
Nice teeth!

Pembroke Corgi

Originating in Pembrokeshire Wales.
The Pembroke Welsh Corgi is one of two breeds known as the Welsh Corgis.
As far back as the 10th century, corgis were originally bred for herding sheep, bulls, horses and cattle and are the oldest herding breed. The Pembroke when bred correctly have proven themselves to be excellent companions. They are good watchdogs because of their alertness and their tendency to bark. Pembroke's are typically outgoing, friendly dogs that can be good with children as well.
Pembroke's vary in the colors of red, sable, fawn, or even tricolor. Which tricolor is considered black and tan with white makings by the AFC(American Kennel Club).
Low down to the ground they range anywhere from 10 to 12 inches(25 to 30 cm). 12 to 15 inches in length(30 to 38 cm). Weighing about 27 pounds(12 kg) in their peak condition. Females weighing about 5 pounds less than the males normally.
Their undercoat sheds continuously all year round, with extensive seasonal shedding occurring at least twice each year. There can also be extensive shedding of coat in females after the weaning of pups, after a heat, or when a female is spayed.
Popular belief is the volume of shedding fur can be significantly reduced by feeding it quality food and make sure to brush the dog regularly.
Due to the length of it's spine the Pembrokes tend to have arthritis early on in it's life, it especially happens to the ones that are overweight.
Usually are very easy to train. Be careful though, they tend to become overweight easily if not taken care of properly. Feeding and exercising correctly will keep this particular dog in tip top shape.
Ranked #11 In The Intelligence of Dogs and considered to be very good work dogs.
Favored by British royalty for more than seventy years.
Pembroke Welsh Corgis are famed for being the preferred breed of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth The II.
Typically the Pembroke lives anywhere from 12 to 14 years and possibly longer.
Corgis are at risk of developing a disease called degenerative myelopathy or DM. Research regarding DM is underway, and a test for DM has been developed and is available through the Orthopedic Foundation for Animals. Don't worry though it is not contagious but it may be passed down to the next generation genetically. There is a free test for dogs over age 10 on the OFA site.
Like most dogs it has the possibility of getting hip dysplasia. It could also have eye disorders,clotting disorder.

Golden Retriever

These lovable dogs are great for a house pet. Historically developed they were bred to have a soft mouth to retrieve game undamaged and have an instinctive love for water. They are very intelligent and versatile making it easy for them to do a number of things.
They can detect illegal drugs,search and rescue,they can be used for hunting,guide dogs and are the most popular as far as being a great family dog(by registration)in the world. Their eager demeanor and friendly attitude makes them pleasant to have around in almost any situation. Although with their kindness,trusting and gentle disposition they are not very good at being guard dogs.
The typical Golden Retriever is calm, naturally intelligent and biddable, with an exceptional eagerness to please.
Golden Retrievers have been known for their intelligence ranking #4 by Stanely Coren's The Intelligence of dogs. They are one of the brightest dogs ranked by obedience command and trainability. These dogs are also renowned for their patience with children.
Adult Golden Retrievers love to work, and have a keen ability to focus on a given task. They will seemingly work until collapse, so you should take care and avoid overworking them.
When these dogs reach maturity they will be active and fun-loving animals with exceptional patience and can be trusted if trained correctly to sit quietly for hours in a hunting blind.

The original cross was in Scotland at at "Guisachan" of a yellow-colored Retriever and a Tweed Water Spaniel but unfortunately the Tweed Water Spaniel's are now extinct.
Golden Retrievers were first accepted for registration by the Golden Kennel Club of England in 1903.
Then in 1913, the Golden Retriever Club was founded.
In 1920 the name "Golden Retriever" was finally made official.
They are also known to become excellent surrogate mothers to different species. Kittens and even tiger cubs from zoos are well taken care of by golden retrievers. In some cases, a retriever may produce milk for its adopted even though it may not have been pregnant or nursing recently.
They do very well in small living areas of at least 500 sq. feet.While the breed is recognized for its vitality, many retrievers are susceptible to specific ailments. A responsible breeder will proactively minimize the risk of illness by having the health of dogs in breeding pairs professionally assessed and selected on the basis of complementary traits.
Hip Dysplasia is very common with the Golden Retriever.
The first three dogs ever to achieve the AKC Obedience Champion title were Golden Retrievers.
All in all I would definitely recommend buying a Golden Retriever for you and your family.

Dog Fetus

The final development of a dog in the mothers fetus 55 days in.

Dog In Seatbelt

I don't know... I love dogs and all, but isn't this going a little too far?!

Invisible Dog Walk In Brooklyn

Over 2,000 people walked invisible dogs down the streets of Brooklyn on a Sunday afternoon. The leashes were on loan from the current owner of 51 Bergen Street, the factory where the "invisible dog" toy was invented in the 1970s. Participants of all ages spread out anywhere from Red Hook to Brooklyn Heights, walking their invisible dogs. Hilarious!

Poor Poodle

Strange haircut and coloring.

Cute Dog

Did u know that dog don't sweat, they pant which means that this dog is a little warm... I wonder why : )

Detroit Dog

Nice dog wearing my Detroit Red Wings hat. The owner for some reason named him Demon?


Greyhounds are known for their speed and agility hence the greyhound bus Co. They are excellent race dogs. They are also good at hunting, sighting, and being watchdogs. Flexible spines that are curved with long sleek bodies. They have dark eyes and small ears that fold back. Greyhounds can run as fast as 40-45 (70 km) miles per hour! They have smooth coats that vary in colors black, white, gray, red, fawn, fallow, brindle, and blue. Short fine coats that are easy to groom combing at least once a week. Rub down it's coat with a chamois cloth to give it an added gleam. Their skin is very sensitive and tears easily so you may want to check with your veterinarian before using flea-killing products on your pet.

Greyhounds are gentle, sensitive, loyal, and brave animals. Great with children and are very obedient. When in public places it's probably a good idea to keep your greyhound on a leash for they are usually tempted to chase things. Easy to train but you do not have to be firm with the greyhound for it to learn. A gentle approach is the best way.
The best way to feed the greyhound is two small meals a day, rather than one very large meal.
Greyhounds are usually prone to bloating and are sensitive to drugs and insecticides.
They may also be allergic to certain anesthetics. Greyhounds are one of the few breeds that typically do not suffer from hip dysplasia. The life expectancy is usually about 10-12 years.
This breed most likely descended from the Middle East or Europe and was noted as an excellent hunting dog.

Muddy Dog

31 seconds

Smart Dog

1 minute 22 seconds

Dog On The Computer

I don't know about you, but that dog looks awfully guilty to me...

First Dogs To Survive Orbital Flight

The first living dogs to survive orbital flight Belka ( Squirrel) and Strelka (Little Arrow) along with 40 mice 2 rats and a variety of plant life.
Korabl-Sputnik-2 (Spaceship Satellite-2) Sputnik 5, was launched on August 19, 1960 by the Russians.
Strelka later gave birth to six puppies, one of which was given to Caroline Kennedy, daughter of U.S. President John F. Kennedy, by Soviet premier Nikita Khrushchev.
Mosscow has a museum called the Memorial Museum Of Astronautics were the two dogs are preserved.

A Dog And Its Toy

Anyone know what kind of dog this is? I have seen it a million times, but can't seem to remember what it's called!

Here Boy!

I don't know whether to be happy or start running! That dog has a crazy look in his eyes!

The Cupcake Dog

An instant viral video classic this is the famous cupcake dog... Just look at those big eyes! This dog is possessed!


Compilation of funny dogs.

1 minute 10 seconds

Need To Make A Withdrawal

Dogs for the blind are now being trained to make withdrawals for their owner. Amazing!

Dog Messing With Duck

Jack Russell at White Duck Pond in the UK, England

25 seconds

Doberman Pinscher

The Doberman Pinscher is a domestic breed. The most common of pet breeds, they are well known for being quite intelligent, alert, and a very loyal companion. In the past they were commonly used for watch dogs guard dogs and even the police used them. Not as common anymore.
With a square frame the male Doberman Pinscher typically stands at about 26 to 28 inches, 27.5 being ideal (66 to 72 cm). The female tends to be a bit shorter. Both depend on the way they were bred. It's length should actually be equal to it's height to the withers or dorsal spine.
Normally the male will weigh anywhere from 75 to 100 pounds(35 to 45 kg). The female slightly less at 65 to 90 pounds(27 to 41 kg).
People often mistake the Doberman Pinscher to be aggressive and mean. In the past they were trained this way when they were used as a guard dogs. As long as they are trained properly the Doberman Pinscher can be a protective yet loyal house pet.
It is a proven fact though that Doberman Pinschers in North America are calmer than their European counterparts because of these breeding strategies.
On average they live any where from 10 to 14 years.
Common illnesses include dialated cardiomayopathy,cervical vertabral instabillity(CVI), von Willerbrands Disease(a bleeding disorder),prostedic disease. On the lessor side of problems include hypothyroidism and hip displasia.
Doberman Pinschers were first bred in the town of Apolda, in the German state of Thuringia around 1890.

Hippy Dog

I am gonna have to get this costume for my dog this Halloween : )

Cute Puppy

I love puppies...

This Dog Loves To Swing!

Grinning from ear to ear :) Got this video with the help from Worlds Funniest Videos. Much appreciated!!!

1 minute 57 seconds

How To Stop Your Dog From Barking

1 minute 22 seconds
I like how he explains that most people are reaffirming their dog and they don't even know it.

Getting Your Dog To Wave

1 minute 12 seconds

In The Womb

After 55 days this is what a dog would look in the womb. The final stages of the dogs brain development.

May The Force Be With You

I thought this was kind of humorous.

Sad Dachshund Song

1 minute 19 seconds

The Dachshund means "badger dog" in German and they come in three different coat varieties (Smooth, Wirehaired or Longhaired) and can be miniature or standard size.
They are a lively breed with a friendly personality and keen sense of smell. They are known for their long low hanging mid section. Nicknamed "wiener dog". These lovable creatures can be hunters that excel in both above and below ground work.

How To Prevent Your Dog From Drinking Out Of The Toilet

The best thing to do is not only keep the lid down but try and get into the habit of keeping the bathroom door closed. I know if you have kids this is not always an easy task.Be sure to always provide fresh water and in a clean bowl. Eventually the dog will realize to look elsewhere for water. Try to leave the dogs dish or water bowl in the same place every time as well.

Train Your Dog How To Fetch

I didn't realize there could be so many steps on training a dog how to fetch, but there are some good pointers in this video if you are having some difficulty training your dog.

3 minutes 40 seconds

Jack Russell Terrier

Very intelligent and trustworthy.
15 years life expectancy. The Jack Russell Terrier can hunt,track, and even can be a great pet to have around children. Common problems could be weak knees,eye diseases,hip problems and of course could become deaf in it's older age, but that's to be expected with most dogs.
Bathe only when necessary and use a firm brush to comb its coat.

Approximate Size of a Jack Russell Terrier
Height: 10-15 inches (25-38 cm)

Weight: 14-18 pounds (6-8 kg)

Teacup Chihuahua

These cute little things are great to have around. They are adorable because they are so tiny. They may be undernourished or the runt but that is no reason not to like them. Sure they take special care sometimes. Of course I have heard the horror stories on how animal cruelty is a factor. But to my knowledge there isn't much cruelty to it?
Even as humans we tend to sometimes go with someone that has similar height or upbringing. I guess the difference is breeding runts of the liter could cause problems with their puppies.
The Teacup Chihuahua is fairly fragile as it is but that is what I like about them.

Whistle To Your Dog

Who knows what could happen?

31 seconds


Dingoes cannot bark - but they can howl. Dingoes have in the canine world, capable of rotatation. This enables dingoes to use their paws like hands and turn door knobs. Their ability to go where other dogs can't means dingoes can cause more problems for humans than other wild members of the dog family can. A dingo can turn its head through almost 180 degrees in each direction. Dingoes have permanently erect ears. Dingoes live in Australia and Southeast Asia, mainly Thailand. Australian dingoes are larger than Asian dingoes. The plural of dingo is dingoes, not dingos. Male dingoes are larger than females. Males weigh 26 to 43 pounds (12 to 20 kg) and females weigh 21 to 35 pounds.Domestication of dingoes has been difficult. Dingoes are intelligent animals. They are more independent and harder to train than other dogs. Most Australian dingoes are ginger-coloured or sandy coloured with white chests. There are also dark colored dingoes. Wild dingoes can live for up to ten years but usually live for more like five or six years. Dingoes cared for by people can live up to 15 years or more.Dingoes have larger canine teeth than domestic dogs. Wild Australian dingoes kill and eat prey ranging in size from small lizards, birds and rodents up to sheep and kangaroos. They will also scavenge carrion. At around 8 weeks old, pups are weaned onto solid food, often consisting of regurgitated meatThe days of the pure dingo may be numbered. Dingoes are increasingly mating with feral domestic dogs. Some of the genetically purest dingoes live on Fraser Island in Queensland. Dingoes breed once a year. Australian dingoes mate in autumn. Dingoes' gestation period is two monthsDingoes produce one litter of pups each year. Dingo litter sizes range between one and ten pups. The average number of pups born is five or six. The dominant female dingo kills any pups born to other females in a dingo pack. Pack members help care for the pups of the dominant dingo pair.

Dog Saves Mans Life

1 minute 43 sec
It's crazy how the dog comes out from the left as soon as the guy is in trouble.

Gorilla Glue Surgically Removed From Dogs Stomach

This poor dog owner had to pay considerable amounts of money I'm sure to surgically remove this gorilla glue lump out of a 140-pound Newfoundland dog (Lola bear).
I'm glad the dog was able to make it out alive! For a few days the dog seemed fine until it couldn't hold it's food down anymore. The sooner you take care of this problem the better because it can get lodged in it's gastrointestinal causing blockage. That's the problem with all of the polyurethane glues.

The warnings on the back tell you everything you may need to know.
Dogs do like the taste of this stuff so keep it up high and out of the reach of children too of course.
Check out the rest of the story at Gorilla Glue is a sticky threat for large Torrance dog.
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