Owners And Their Dogs

55 seconds
Except for the last one, thats not a dog!

Dog Slide

Either this dog likes to scratch it's back or loves sliding down this hill.

19 seconds

The Salsa Dog

1 minute 27 seconds
This golden retriever is impressive and funny!

Tillman The Skatebording Bulldog

Somewhere in California. This dog loves to skate and I think he may be better than me!

1 minute 28 seconds

Two Legged Tricks

This Border Collie pulls off some pretty good tricks. Especially near the end of the video.

1 minute 52 seconds
I like how the dog can go backwards on it's hind legs.

Puppy Tries To Mimic Owner

This puppy does a pretty good job duplicating the sounds of this owners whistle.

31 seconds

French Bulldog

This cute little French Bulldog can't roll over and get up on all fours.

50 seconds
I kept expecting a hand near the end of the video to help the poor puppy.

Poor Doggy

It is kind of cute though.

Before And After

Dry or wet, the difference is clear and kind of funny.

Teach Your Dog How To Ring A Bell

Teaching them to ring a bell letting you know that they need to go outside is a great trick.
To teach a dog to do anything is usually is quite the task but as long as you don't give up, you should be fine. Patience and persistence is needed while training any dog. So good luck!

4 min 31 sec
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