Jack Russell Terrier

Very intelligent and trustworthy.
15 years life expectancy. The Jack Russell Terrier can hunt,track, and even can be a great pet to have around children. Common problems could be weak knees,eye diseases,hip problems and of course could become deaf in it's older age, but that's to be expected with most dogs.
Bathe only when necessary and use a firm brush to comb its coat.

Approximate Size of a Jack Russell Terrier
Height: 10-15 inches (25-38 cm)

Weight: 14-18 pounds (6-8 kg)

Teacup Chihuahua

These cute little things are great to have around. They are adorable because they are so tiny. They may be undernourished or the runt but that is no reason not to like them. Sure they take special care sometimes. Of course I have heard the horror stories on how animal cruelty is a factor. But to my knowledge there isn't much cruelty to it?
Even as humans we tend to sometimes go with someone that has similar height or upbringing. I guess the difference is breeding runts of the liter could cause problems with their puppies.
The Teacup Chihuahua is fairly fragile as it is but that is what I like about them.

Whistle To Your Dog

Who knows what could happen?

31 seconds


Dingoes cannot bark - but they can howl. Dingoes have in the canine world, capable of rotatation. This enables dingoes to use their paws like hands and turn door knobs. Their ability to go where other dogs can't means dingoes can cause more problems for humans than other wild members of the dog family can. A dingo can turn its head through almost 180 degrees in each direction. Dingoes have permanently erect ears. Dingoes live in Australia and Southeast Asia, mainly Thailand. Australian dingoes are larger than Asian dingoes. The plural of dingo is dingoes, not dingos. Male dingoes are larger than females. Males weigh 26 to 43 pounds (12 to 20 kg) and females weigh 21 to 35 pounds.Domestication of dingoes has been difficult. Dingoes are intelligent animals. They are more independent and harder to train than other dogs. Most Australian dingoes are ginger-coloured or sandy coloured with white chests. There are also dark colored dingoes. Wild dingoes can live for up to ten years but usually live for more like five or six years. Dingoes cared for by people can live up to 15 years or more.Dingoes have larger canine teeth than domestic dogs. Wild Australian dingoes kill and eat prey ranging in size from small lizards, birds and rodents up to sheep and kangaroos. They will also scavenge carrion. At around 8 weeks old, pups are weaned onto solid food, often consisting of regurgitated meatThe days of the pure dingo may be numbered. Dingoes are increasingly mating with feral domestic dogs. Some of the genetically purest dingoes live on Fraser Island in Queensland. Dingoes breed once a year. Australian dingoes mate in autumn. Dingoes' gestation period is two monthsDingoes produce one litter of pups each year. Dingo litter sizes range between one and ten pups. The average number of pups born is five or six. The dominant female dingo kills any pups born to other females in a dingo pack. Pack members help care for the pups of the dominant dingo pair.

Dog Saves Mans Life

1 minute 43 sec
It's crazy how the dog comes out from the left as soon as the guy is in trouble.

Gorilla Glue Surgically Removed From Dogs Stomach

This poor dog owner had to pay considerable amounts of money I'm sure to surgically remove this gorilla glue lump out of a 140-pound Newfoundland dog (Lola bear).
I'm glad the dog was able to make it out alive! For a few days the dog seemed fine until it couldn't hold it's food down anymore. The sooner you take care of this problem the better because it can get lodged in it's gastrointestinal causing blockage. That's the problem with all of the polyurethane glues.

The warnings on the back tell you everything you may need to know.
Dogs do like the taste of this stuff so keep it up high and out of the reach of children too of course.
Check out the rest of the story at Gorilla Glue is a sticky threat for large Torrance dog.
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