Grease Dog Show

I thought it was great when the dog walks backwards! Amazing. Well trained dog. John Travolta and Olivia Newton-John song from the movie Grease "Your the one that I want"


By both the public and the veterinary associations, cropping of the ears and docking of the tail is prohibited in many countries around the world. It's like getting your cat declawed or having them neutered or spayed. Unlike the late Bob Barker which was famous for his saying on the show The Price Is Right "Help control the pet population. Have your pets spayed or neutered". I don't believe in this practice. Unless it is absolutely necessary. Just my feelings on the whole issue.
The Boxer typically is a short-haired breed, with a shiny, smooth coat that lies tight to the body.
They have broad short skulls and their most distinctive feature is their head. With a square muzzle which is in perfect proportion to the skull. Folds are always present from the root of the nose running downwards on both sides of the muzzle, and the tip of the nose should lie somewhat higher than the root of the muzzle. The lower jaw of a Boxer should protrude beyond the upper jaw and bend slightly upwards in what is commonly called an underbite or undershot bite.
The name Boxer is said to be derived from the breed's tendency to play by standing on its hind legs and mimicking a boxing motion with their front paws.
Health issues include cancer,heart conditions,Arrhythmogenic Right Ventricular Cardiomyopathy (Boxer Cardiomyopathy),hip displasia,degenerative myelopathy,epilepsy,gastric dilatation,torsion,intestinal problems. Boxers also get allergies which could be caused by a bad diet.
Entropian is another problem that faces Boxers which is a malformation of the eyelid requiring surgical correction, can be occasionally seen, and some lines have a tendency toward spondylosis deformans, a fusing of the spine or dystocia.
It is said to be a bad idea to exercise Boxers too much when they are younger. It may cause damage to growing bones. Although it is important to keep them in shape, just don't over do it.
Because of their brachycephalic head, they do not do well in certain conditions where there is intense heat or humidity. It is not recomended to exercise in these conditions.

Dog Takes Matters Into His Own Paws

This is crazy. The dog jumps into the water to attack a shark that his owner had just caught and tries to drag it ashore.

48 seconds

This Dog Is Awesome

1 minute 54 seconds
This video was not what I thought it would be but it is entertaining and sort of funny.


Bred originally to hunt deer and wild boar these dogs are used now to track human beings by their scent. Bloodhounds are known for their special ability to follow scents for hours, even a full week over great distances. Commonly used by police and law enforcement all over the world to track escaped prisoners, missing persons, and even missing animals. Other breeds of scent hounds are English Foxhound, American Foxhound, Coonhound, Swiss Jura Hound, Bavarian Mountain Hound and many others.
A common misconception is that bloodhounds run in packs tracking down the scent. Sometimes this may be the case in places like England but in North America bloodhounds are used as solitary trackers. When Bloodhounds are on a trail they usually are silent and do not bark or howl as other scenthounds. The original use of the bloodhound as a leash-hound is to find the scent but not disturb animals or let prisoners know that the Bloodhound is on their trail. This requires silent trailing.

The bloodhound can follow a scent left several days into the past. Under optimal conditions, a bloodhound can detect as few as one or two cells. The bloodhound's nasal chambers larger than those of most other breeds. The large, long pendent ears serve to prevent wind from scattering nearby skin cells while the dog's nose is on the ground; the folds of wrinkled flesh under the lips and neck are called the shawl and serve to catch stray scent particles in the air or on a nearby branch as the bloodhound is scenting, reinforcing the scent in the dog's memory and nose.
Bloodhounds can weigh anywhere from 33 to 50 kg (80 to 110 lb), although some individuals can weigh as much as 72 kg (160 lb). They stand 58 to 69 cm (23 to 32 inches) high at the withers.
I think owning a Bloodhound would be a good idea, it would be great to have a Bloodhound around in case a loved one turned out to be missing!

The Pool Playing Dog

I bet your dog can't do this... Hell he might even be better than me at pool!

Dog Is Happy Soldier's Home!

This dog just can't contain its excitement after seeing his owner return from the war in Afghanistan. Very heartwarming video...

Don't Let Another Dog Be Put To Sleep

Visit your local Humane Society today and help dogs like this one live another day...

Well Trained Doberman

This child is actually able to take food from it's bowl and the Doberman does nothing about it. This is a very good dog.

29 seconds

Dog Show bei der Privathengstschau Verden 2009

This video is more uplifting than the last. This trainer has fun pleasing the crowd with the tricks he has taught his dogs and makes quite a show of it. Absolutely fantastic,funny and clever! Enjoy...

5 minutes 25 seconds

Narcolepsy In Dogs?

Poor dog.  I feel sorry for it.

1 minute 48 seconds
I didn't know dogs could have narcolepsy?

Cute Chihuahua Puppies

These Chihuahua puppies might be mixed but I'm not really sure with what? 22 days old and they are beginning to wobble around and walk.

2 minutes 37 seconds
I love puppies, it's when they get big that I just want the puppy back. But it's all worth it when it's over.
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