Dog Surprises Officer After Being Freed From A Fence

This poor dog gets caught in a fence after trying to jump over... Watch what happens next : )

Aww... Can You Feel The Love?

I believe that is a White Pitbull and a Siberian Husky being nice to one another.

Here is a deaf White Pitbull below who still knows her tricks.

29 seconds
One way to find out if your dog is deaf is to see how it reacts when it is sleeping.  If you've noticed that when calling it's name you are not getting any response.  Try calling its name in a dark room.  If your dog still does not respond turn on the light, if it's ears and or head perks up.   Your dog may be deaf.

To Taco Bell!

And make it quick!!!

3 Boxers

All in the fam, a few of my friends dogs together again.

This Dog Loves A Good Vacuum

That is one dusty dog!(knee slapper)

42 seconds


Does it get any cooler than these two dogs... I think not...
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