Gorilla Glue Surgically Removed From Dogs Stomach

This poor dog owner had to pay considerable amounts of money I'm sure to surgically remove this gorilla glue lump out of a 140-pound Newfoundland dog (Lola bear).
I'm glad the dog was able to make it out alive! For a few days the dog seemed fine until it couldn't hold it's food down anymore. The sooner you take care of this problem the better because it can get lodged in it's gastrointestinal causing blockage. That's the problem with all of the polyurethane glues.

The warnings on the back tell you everything you may need to know.
Dogs do like the taste of this stuff so keep it up high and out of the reach of children too of course.
Check out the rest of the story at Gorilla Glue is a sticky threat for large Torrance dog.

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